Applicant information

Znacka-CSP-CIA V3222 200xThe certification system includes selection, determination, certification and supervision of the product. The system is runned by Certification authority for conformity of certified products (COV EUROSIGNAL) in Eurosignal company (further as COV workspace). All necessary regulations and procedures for verification of products conformity, according to standarts as amended and listed below, were proceeded according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17065 into directive Nr. 14. This directive is available at request in COV. For this purpouse there are some basic regulations, procedures of issuing, maintaining and removing the certificates of conformity. There are also regulations of the certificate´s use. COV gives the certificate to the applicant based on positive results of the certification proceedure according to the certification scheme. The certification scheme is approved by unbiased committee  (The Certification Board). In exceptional cases - for example - the applicant has a functional and certified quality management according to ISO 9001 the second level of audit can be excluded - assesing on the spot.

Subject of conformity assessment with technical specification is evaluated according to standarts listed in Accreditation. The certification scheme used by certification authority is based on certification system No. 1a and No.5 according ISO/IEC instruction and according to system specified in Chapter 5 of ČSN EN 50129 standard.